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God Loves Queers 🏳️‍🌈

We took a seat with Ojo.Mide, Nigerian & Bisexual, having a conversation that’s been long overdue. As Nigerians being sexually liberated is a chore, while being Queer can literally get you killed. Here We asked the questions that would break tables.

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A Chat with My Higher self

‘3’ is I presently, ‘I am’ is my higher self 3: Who would my higher self be on a day like this? I Am: First I’ll acknowledge where I’m at but I’ll also remember that all my ‘Trials to be’ would count for change & if I’m alive, God is not done. 3: Currently I… Continue reading A Chat with My Higher self

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The universe and I

U : You know it’s coming, everything you desire, you feel it and a part of you believes fully so why the sadness, fear, rush, doubt, anxiety, plan B ? I : Honestly I’m not sure, I’ve unconsciously programmed my mind to expect gratification after I make effort. I expect my desires to come to… Continue reading The universe and I

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Mindfulness and meditation.

Apparently I’ve been going about mindfulness the wrong way & at a point I felt meditation was hard but the day I did it properly , I wanted to remain in that space forever . I was just coming out of a dark moment. Infact I was going through a dark night of the soul,… Continue reading Mindfulness and meditation.