After my last manifestation came to fruition, I got scared like a little bitch. That’s the first time I’d gotten something like that and it was big to me. Something similar happened with People Are Flowers too as a spirituality brand (a wellness community), which led to a creative block because… wait for it, I… Continue reading Wins

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A Chat with My Higher self

‘3’ is I presently, ‘I am’ is my higher self 3: Who would my higher self be on a day like this? I Am: First I’ll acknowledge where I’m at but I’ll also remember that all my ‘Trials to be’ would count for change & if I’m alive, God is not done. 3: Currently I… Continue reading A Chat with My Higher self

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Jumping Timelines

Personally , I don’t know enough people who see life the way I do so I’m not generalizing what I’m about to say. When you have your first Awakening, it’ll elude you. It’s like going to work not noticing the buildings and people on the way there. The second time, it’ll feel familiar like you’ve… Continue reading Jumping Timelines

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She’s a sex worker and so what.

It’s a false sense of morality and unloving ways of thinking that causes our society to be hyper focused on religion & barely spiritual . Look around , many young women are making names for themselves in recent times but those who display a certain level of extravagance are termed “Small girls with Big gods”.… Continue reading She’s a sex worker and so what.

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The universe and I

U : You know it’s coming, everything you desire, you feel it and a part of you believes fully so why the sadness, fear, rush, doubt, anxiety, plan B ? I : Honestly I’m not sure, I’ve unconsciously programmed my mind to expect gratification after I make effort. I expect my desires to come to… Continue reading The universe and I