Why I Paused

Being truthful I paused on uploading articles because I wasn’t getting the encouragement I expected . I know it’s really hard for people to face their emotions but now that I’m in this , it’s not what I thought, you don’t prepare for this .

People are actually too scared to be honest about how they feel or what they’ve been through. I’ve had this dream to help people since I was 11, depressed in the little room behind my house.

Lately I thought I’d become a capitalist , wanting to see profit for my work but the fact is that when people heal through your energy you need a form of return or you feel drained.

I couldn’t find the line between getting returns for my energy and being all about the money so I stopped entirely. A part of me also believes that the work I’ve done , have been doing , a lot of people aren’t even aware they need to face themselves like that.

So yes I’m ahead of my time.

What a cruel faith but everything beautiful takes time to grow. I could find joy in the people that actually got help through my work but I still wanted more people benefiting from my articles.

I’m throwing this question at you, do YOU comment , like , share on my articles and do you speak mindfully to people, do you understand the weight of this simple question that comes after Hey/Hii , “how are you” ?

I want more people to see this truth about life , that you’re not alone , I want less people acting from their ego, hurting others and acting like they don’t feel lonely inside

So I was hurt that enough people weren’t referring my articles to others who needed it . I want to get my work out there so I focused on publicity , I created an Instagram page , check it out, peopleareflowerstoo.

I got more responses on Instagram than I did here. Another reason I paused was because using wordpress as a host became impossible, I felt set up to fail.

But each time I remember how Elon musk says most start ups fail and you have to be mentally prepared for that, I buckle up and take the advice I dish out here. I refuse to let these setbacks hinder the work I intend to do.

I’m not focused on who doesn’t believe in this but my work is a mark on existence and I can’t give up because it started to get tough.

I can’t promise that I’ll put out articles on my blog till it’s for subscribers only but in the mean time I frequently update our Instagram page.

Being financially unstable feels like a joke but that’s not where my story ends. Now I ask you , if you’ve ever felt understood or better reading my words, don’t deprive another person of that.

You can wonder “what if they don’t need it”, but it’s really not your place to ask questions like that . We need to stop pretending that each one of us doesn’t need to feel like we’re heard/important/deserving .

My goal was to create a home for everyone. Alone I can’t do that but with your help specifically, we can make one more person feel heard & accepted .

If you have ideas or ways I can make my blog more inclusive, or have areas on life you wish for me to shed light on then help me help you . I’m here!! stop acting like I’m not .

16 thoughts on “Why I Paused”

  1. Oh wow… I think I found your blog on Pinterest or something and after reading a few posts, I really fell in love with your writing and I subscribed immediately. I felt the urge to reach out to you a few weeks ago but I don’t know what derailed me. So I dismissed the idea. I actually do connect with your blog and all of the things you write about. I just wished I paid more attention to my instinct and listen to it by reaching out to you. So this is me saying, don’t stop. You are an inspiration

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  2. What an amazing writer you are I’m privileged to have talked to you in person and was very satisfied with the help you rendered, keep it up and never stop, I can’t wait to see you becoming the great you are destined to be. The universe needs more of you ‘’you know’’

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    1. I won’t stop , not with how much you in particular come through to help me . You see the greatness in me even when I don’t see it myself , I’m beyond glad the universe allowed me to have met you too, you know ! 😂 You’re really a wonderful person ❤️


  3. Your words strikes like lightening DON’T STOP…. Only a few of us are re-awakening to a lot of things which includes handling our emotions, a lot of people are on autopilot with life can’t blame them hence only a few resonant with your words, know that your words are special and with time a lot more of us would awaken. Also consider the demographics you found yourself in a lot are really lost, do what you can and fully leave the rest the God(the universe) to handle don’t worry yourself about how it’ll be done just know if it’s met to be it’ll be

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    1. Presently it’s raining , I’m sitting at the balcony and It hit me that yea, I wasn’t getting the bigger picture. it’s about how much people resonate with my words but it’s also about what work I need to do on myself e.g needing validation , patience & self acceptance. So now I’m not just waiting for something to happen , I’m working with my divine plan. Thank you love, you’re too great & I appreciate your existence💓.


  4. This is so so good, I was actually wondering why you stopped for a while but please don’t stop, it’s the truth that I know I need but it’s too difficult to accept. Your blog makes me understand my emotions better

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