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Being in Alignment.

What’s it like realizing you’re in alignment ?

Honestly it feels like I’ve left the heavy duty stuff in the hands of the universe , I just show up and show out .

Considering the fact that life is so intricate, everyone is in alignment. What we call our “dreams and purposes “ is what I’m going to refer to, in this article as the Soul’s Goal .

I’m not talking about your ambition or you finally becoming a multi millionaire. I’m talking about something more ground breaking. Essentially people don’t need money , what people really need is the life money can buy .

So the product of being a doctor is saving lives and helping people extend their stay here. Invariably you don’t have to become a doctor to do that , it looks great on paper but you definitely don’t need the title to do that.

I realized when I was much younger that the souls goal could be something as big as having a conversation with a person who In 5years could be the driving force for mass killings and saying something so striking to them that changes their path.

You’d say , “ my purpose in life could be to have a mere conversation?” , well Yes ! People who according to our ideas died young served their purpose , they reached their souls goal – it’s not that shocking .

Our minds can be naive and incapable of seeing the bigger picture that we miss out on the greatness of simple things.


I’ve always known my souls goal , I just didn’t think it was impressive enough. I mean there are people out there trying to find the cure for this disease and that ailment and I just wanted to run with the wolves .

Life didn’t let me fail myself, it kept redirecting my path, adjusting this , taking out that, placing me in this situation and now I can say the entirety of your life is the journey to your souls goal.

A lot of people today sit and call all manners of ills upon themselves , I’m not doing this , I’m not doing that , this person has achieved this and I don’t have a penny to my name , my life is going nowhere , basically wallowing away in a self created abyss .

When I needed it most , someone said to me “ if you don’t have it , you don’t need it” . That was an act of faith in the world , the universe, in God and yes many people don’t have this faith .

They don’t believe in the beauty of the chaos. Which is truly annoying to bare witness to, because everyone has the words but when it’s time to be practical, the body and mind becomes weak.

I can’t find a person that hasn’t known hard days or dark times. At some point everyone goes through the dark night of the soul . The people who make it out in good time, have faith , it’s truly that simple .

They don’t have magic words, neither does their loneliness vanish , they just have blind faith in what they can’t see, their faith may waver but again, the universe protects and rewards all.

You may not know what you want to do with your life , or your life just took a detour for the worst, but I’m here to confirm to you that you’re still in alignment. No matter how annoying you are, wicked you are, lazy you are, kind you are, loving , giving , selfish etc, you are in alignment .

At this point it’s clear that alignment is different for everyone. The only common factor would be how the souls feels when it realizes it’s always been and will always be on the right path .

Meaning you can drop that horrible job today and you’re still in alignment. As people who likes things done for us , we really try too hard to be in control when we don’t have a bird’s eye view of our situation.

I’d say the worst part about my bad moods would be my constant thinking about when it’ll end , when I’ll be “happy people” me, again.

I don’t know how many of you practice being present but for those that do, after months or years of practice you notice that your soul is still the watcher and every other thing is fleeting , as it should be .

Being the watcher , you’ve seen good days , you’ve seen better days, you’ve seen hard days but your soul hasn’t stopped watching, it’s just there eating popcorn watching your body react to everything going on around it and with that , you’re more than aware that nothing is permanent.

Assuming I never felt pain or any of those low vibrational emotions, and I die , I’d say to the universe , “hmm, I wonder what it’ll feel like to be angry , to be sad, to be in pain, to feel hurt, to listen to the The Weeknd and cry “. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying life can’t be without all this , I’m saying if these emotions are present , you’ve become aware of them , why not feel it?

When you run from something , you’re in the idea that it’s chasing you , so by default, it will chase you. It’s not even a curse . I’ve seen life throw so many good things at me when I felt down , which was proof to me that merely being accepting of those situations , the universe wanted to get me out of it as quickly as it could.

No one was asked to be born , in thesame breath we asked to be here , yes I like to “contradict” myself , I understand what I’m saying. It’s possible for two and more truths to exists.


With the ideology that we weren’t asked to be born , truth is we are needed here and whatever needed us here will take care of us till the end. You simply have to realize this and let it do it’s job. I won’t invite you to a party, then treat you like an intruder. If I won’t do that , imagine what the universe has in store for you.

Bless your soul for continuously trying to take care of everyone and everything at every point , bless your soul for wanting to do it all so you don’t have to be scared but please realize you can’t do it all, there’s great strength and blessings in store for those who sit back and let the universe take charge.

So how do you draw the line between surrender and being complacent?

That same trust and faith you have in the universe, you have it in yourself too. Even those who seem complacent are in alignment, those who surrender to life seem to have it easy, that’s the outward appearance and many people won’t be okay with this.

People who haven’t realized the existence of their soul will talk a lot , they’ll say too much infact and that’s how you filter the good from the rubbish. With their words and actions they will bring you suffering, that’s how you know them.

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  1. This is telling. Thank you for this write up sometimes we forget that everything in life should be In alignment that nothing is really in isolation whether good or bad things happen exactly how it was meant to .

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